University of Zaragoza

University Faculties, Schools and Departments
(Zaragoza, Spain)

The University of Zaragoza, through its 10 faculties and over 50 departments, offers various undergraduate, licensure, diploma, and master degree programmes.

Faculty of Sciences Schools and Programmes
  • Biochemical and Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Sciences of the Land
  • Science and Technology of Materials and Fluids
  • French philology
  • German and English philology
  • Physics Applied
  • Physics of the Matter Condensed
  • Theoretical physics
  • Data processing and Engineering of Systems
  • Electronic engineering and Communications
  • Chemical Engineering and Technologies of the Environment
  • Mathematics Applied
  • Maths
  • Statistical Methods
  • Analytic Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry

Faculty of Sciences of the Health and of the Sport Schools and Programmes

Faculty of Economics and Business Schools and Programmes
  • Economic Analysis
  • Accounting and Finances
  • Economy and Direction of Businesses
  • Structure and Economic History and Public Economy
  • Psychology and Sociology

Faculty of Human Sciences and of the Education of Huesca Schools

Faculty of Human and Social Sciences Schools

Faculty of Right Schools and Programmes
  • Right of the Business
  • Criminal law, Philosophy of the Right and History of the Right
  • Private Rights
  • Public Rights

Faculty of Education Schools

Faculty of Philosophy and Letters Schools and Programmes
  • Sciences of the Documentation and the Science
  • Spanish Philosophy
  • French Philosophy
  • English and German Philosophy
  • Philosophy
  • Geography and Ordination of the Territory
  • Art history
  • Medieval History, Sciences and History and Arab Studies and Islam
  • Modern history and Contemporanea
  • General Languages and Hispanic History

Faculty of Medicine Schools and Programmes
  • Anatomical, Pathological, Forensic and Legal Medicine and Toxicology
  • Anatomy
  • Gynecology, and Obstetrics
  • Pharmacology and Physiology
  • Medicine and Dematology
  • Microbiology, Preventive Medicine and Health Publishes
  • Pediatrics, Radioloy and Medicine Physics

Faculty of Veterinary

Zaragoza University

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